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Jan 11

REtoday magazine spring 2018!

Posted by: Marketing Team, 11 January 2018

Are you looking for inspirational lesson ideas, or interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in RE? REtoday magazine could be just the thing for you!


This term’s edition has opinion pieces from Brian Cox on truth and Alvin Plantinga on religion in philosophy, over 30 RE classroom ideas for your pupils such as ‘14 key moments in Jesus’ last hours’, five perspectives on science and faith from different religions and beliefs, creation stories, reactions to the Commission on RE Report and much more…

Get a copy of this full-colour magazine every term, providing you with all the latest RE news, developments and reviews along with practical classroom ideas and activities and informed comment on the theory and practice of RE.

View our contents page – REtoday_V35_No2_contents.pdf

Sample articles

How do you get REtoday magazine delivered to you every term?

REtoday is published three times a year in September, January and April by RE Today Services, and is edited by Lat Blaylock.

It is available as part of a


Nov 21

Check out our brand new secondary resource!

Posted by: Marketing Team, 21 November 2017

Exploring essential concepts: a poster pack for RE


We have a brand new resource for all of you secondary teachers of RE, Exploring essential concepts: a poster pack for RE is a collection of 12 artworks which were created by Si Smith for one of our popular series of curriculum resource books, Essential RE. The series was written to provide ideas and classroom resources centred around 12 essential concepts that are both at the heart of religious and non-religious worldviews, and also of central value for getting pupils to think about their own understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We have gained permission off the artist to pull these together into a poster pack for you which displays the 12 Essential RE covers onto hard-backed posters that you can use in your RE lessons along with the teacher guide book on how to use these best. On top of all of this you also get access to 190 downloadable images of the various images used within the covers.

Find out more here



We are delighted to have been asked by the Diocese of Leicester to host a live webinar with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby during his three-day visit to the city.

In an amongst his busy schedule he agreed to join us at Billesdon Church of England Primary School in Leicestershire, where RE Today Adviser Fiona Moss and team hosted a live webinar to 25 schools and 100 pupils across the city.

Through the beauty of technology the Archbishop, Bishop of Leicester Bishop Martyn and Director of Education Carolyn Lewis interacted with 100 pupils through a Q and A session around prayer. Ahead of the webinar pupils were asked to submit pre-prepared questions, these were then passed back out to the schools to vote through an interactive poll on the day to decide which questions they most wanted the Archbishop to answer. He was asked many thought-provoking questions by the pupils about prayer and worship such as;

‘Sometimes our prayers are answered, sometimes not. What should we do about this?’

‘As well as praying, is there another way to communicate with God?’

‘Why did you dedicate your life to God, and did prayer help with this decision?’

And many more…

Overall it was a fabulous day enjoyed by all, including the Archbishop who was extremely impressed with the RE Today’s professionalism, webinar software, presentation and coordination of the day.

Here are what some of…


#REchatUK took place on Monday 06 November at 8pm-9pm
If you missed it and want to catch up on the discussion you can see it here:

‘Chatting to the RE commissioners: your chance to tell them about RE in your school’
If you have any suggestions for a great topic be please send a tweet to @NATREupdate.
Keep an eye out on our #REchatUK timetable to see when the next #REchatUK will be.

For regular updates follow us on @NATREupdate.

#REchatUK Poster - for your staffroom to help get others involved in RE.


Oct 26

Dispelling some myths about SACRE funding

Posted by: Marketing Team, 26 October 2017

NATRE members who serve on SACREs often contact NATRE about problems with funding. There seems to be a certain amount of misinformation being shared suggesting that Local Authorities no longer receive funding for SACREs and Agreed Syllabus Conferences. This is simply not true. The document below from NATRE sets out the facts about funding and includes references to statutory documents. We hope it helps you to ensure that SACRE receives the funding that National Government intends you to receive to carry out your duties.

As SACRE funding is provided as part of a grant that covers a number of duties that Local Authorities must provide, NATRE would be keen to hear from individuals about the amount of funding that is being provided as a percentage of the overall grant. We will work with NASACRE (The National Association of SACREs) to collate this information and take steps help to encourage reasonable decisions about the funding of SACREs and Agreed Syllabus Conferences.

Funding for SACREs 2017


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