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Sep 01

Film clips - new online library

Posted by: Rosemary, 01 September 2010

If you are interested in using film shorts in the classroom, MiShorts might be just the sort of stimulus you are looking for.  This online library contains over 750 quality titles divided into twelve categories that can be watched as free streams or downloaded at up to HD quality for as little as £0.65.

The MiShorts film library includes a wide range of free content, commissioned from specialist providers or produced in-house. Explore the ‘Youth’ category, and look for ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ and ‘Keeping the Peace’ - how might these be used in the RE classroom to stimulate discussion, and perhaps prompt students to make their own film shorts?

MiShorts is far more than a film library. Other facilities are outlined in the pdf document below, and include: Podcasts (a recommended short film podcast); Vodcasts (a fortnightly Vodcast containing news, views and interviews); Toolbox (a wide variety of information and resources for indie filmmakers and fans); Film of the Month and Critics Choice; Reviews and Ratings; Filmmaker Directory; Filmmaker’s blog; Free downloads; Free streams; Channels.


If you are at all interested in film shorts, the best thing is to log on and explore MiShorts!


Aug 31

Guidance on choosing RE resources

Posted by: Rosemary, 31 August 2010

The latest addition to NATRE’s website is user-friendly, online guidance on choosing high quality resources for teaching world religions in RE.

Drawing on the findings and recommendation of Materials used to Teach about World Religions in Schools in England, carried out by the University of Warwick, 2010, this guidance covers:

  • books
  • school produced materials
  • websites
  • digital resources
  • artefacts & visual images
  • visits & visitors

For each type of resource the guidance provides: a brief summary of the Warwick Report’s findings, key questions for teachers, stimulus materials to support discussion and decision-making for teachers working individually or with colleagues.

Do check it out on NATRE’s website! It’s an ideal stimulus to review the resources you currently use, and to guide the selection of new ones.


Jul 25

Exemplification of Standards - RE

Posted by: Rosemary, 25 July 2010

The outcomes of a project involving eight teachers and two consultants to develop materials to exemplify standards in RE has been published!

The exemplification of standards files for foundation subjects support effective assessment by demonstrating national standards across key stage 3 at National Curriculum levels 3 to 8. They are a resource and reference point for teachers:

  • when assessing pupils’ work in relation to national standards
  • for training and professional development purposes
  • when thinking about next steps for students.

Each exemplification of standards file includes:

  • examples of students’ classroom work assessed against national standards
  • other supporting evidence
  • a detailed commentary
  • an overall assessment judgement on the students’ work.

The materials can be found on the National Curriculum website.


Jul 06

Free resources to download!

Posted by: Rosemary, 06 July 2010

Did you know? RE Today Services and NATRE subscribers have free access to the subscribers’ area of the RE Today website where they can download well over a hundred free classroom ideas and resources. The downloads are additional materials to support the primary and secondary curriculum series which are included as part of the termly subscription mailing.

Why not log on and check out what’s there? Choose ‘download login’ from the top right of the home page, select the series you are interested in, and then the individual publications within that series.  All you need is your subscriber number and password. If you’ve forgotten your subscriber number, then phone or email us for a reminder.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, do look at our website where the benefits of membership and the annual cost of the various membership options are outlined. Subscribing is the most cost-effective way of receiving a termly package of RE resources, ideas and news.

T: 0121 472 4242


Jun 06

Ofsted long report - Religious Education

Posted by: Rosemary, 06 June 2010

RE Today Services and NATRE encourage all those interested in RE to read the latest report from Ofsted, Transforming Religious Education, and to consider the recommendations it contains. 

Chair of NATRE, Ed Pawson, has written to the Secretary of State for Education; the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP to ask for an urgent meeting in order to discuss with him how the issues contained in the report might be addressed.


Please email NATRE to let us know what you think the government needs to do to transform Religious Education in the light of this report.


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