RE Today’s team of RE specialist advisers undertake a wide variety of consultancy roles e.g. working with Local Authorities, Dioceses, SACREs, individual and groups of schools and academies, government agencies, professional associations and commercial organisations.

They also write and edit our own curriculum publications, and wide selection of other titles including the best selling The Bible: The Big Story, Religious Education and British Values, Picturing Christianity and God and the Big Bang. Visit our online shop to view the full catalogue of publications available.

Locally agreed syllabus & scheme of work
RE Today work with a number of Local Authorities and SACREs in revising and producing their locally agreed syllabus for RE. Our Advisers have produced a complete scheme of work to go alongside our syllabuses. You can view the full list of units that are available here.

Lat Blaylock

 Lat_Blaylock.jpg Lat is editor of REtoday magazine and has written many RE resources published by RE Today, including Picturing Christianity, Big, Big Questions (a package for music in RE) and Spiritual Engagement (a folder of ideas for 16-19 RE days). He taught RE, Humanities and PSHE in Leicester for 11 years.

Since joining RE Today Services his work is wide-ranging and varied, and includes advising teachers, schools, SACREs, Dioceses and Local Authorities. His CPD training courses attract several thousand teachers every year, covering themes from poetry, art and creativity to assessment, GCSE and curriculum planning. He also runs day conferences for gifted and talented pupils and for 16-19s. He has made 7 series of RE broadcasts with the BBC, including the award winning ‘My Life My Religion’ (2015). Lat was the specialist writer for the RE Council’s 2013 national RE curriculum framework.


Fiona Moss

 Fiona-Moss.jpg Fiona is a primary specialist. Before joining RE Today Services as RE Adviser she was a primary teacher for fifteen years and then the RE and SACRE Curriculum Adviser for Leicester City. She also advised in other areas such as SEAL, Literacy and Gifted and Talented. She has written and edited a variety of publications designed to support primary RE teachers, including agreed syllabuses and curriculum resources. She is currently the editor of RE Today’s RE Ideas Primary RE series, edited opening up RE and has co-written Body & Soul, a relationship education resource for 9-11year olds and Share a story for 4-7 year olds. She was one of the writers on the Understanding Christianity resource.
She meets hundreds of teachers each year training in schools, local authorities and dioceses across the country. Fiona is also the Executive Officer for NATRE, and is well-known in this context for her support of local groups of teachers, and her involvement in RE at a national level.


Stephen Pett

Stephen Pett. As an RE Adviser Stephen provides training and consultancy internationally. He is adviser to three local authorities, supporting the work of RE through SACRE consultancy and school-focused work. He is series editor for RE Today’s secondary curriculum books, as well as writing and editing other publications including Religious Education: The Teacher’s Guide; Talking Pictures and Share a story with… (for 4-7s); and The Bible: The Big Story. He led the development of Understanding Christianity: Text Impact Connections, a major resource supporting teachers in primary and secondary classrooms.
Before working for RE Today Services Stephen was an RE subject leader for fourteen years, seven of those as an Advanced Skills Teacher. As an AST he was part of a project with Oxford University applying the findings of neuroscience to education. This remains an interest as he seeks to apply research to the development of training and resources that support effective teaching and learning.


Kate Christopher

Kate ChristopherKate was a classroom teacher of Secondary RE for 11 years in three very different schools, serving as Head of RE in two of the schools. She was part of a writing group contributing to the REC’s 2013 Curriculum Framework and a member of the NATRE Executive for six years.  She is currently working on her PhD in Philosophy of Education, exploring RE and issues of antiracism and multiculturalism. Kate joined the RE Today team in 2014. 


Julia Diamond-Conway

Julia Diamond-ConwayWriter and national RE Adviser. Julia has written for many RE Today publications and trains teachers around the country. Her passion is promoting excellent RE for all. Julia works with the NATRE executive committee to support the work of local groups. She has also been involved in the development of NATRE’s journal, Professional REflection. Julia was a primary teacher for 14 years before joining RE Today in 2014.


Angela Hill

 Angela-Hill.jpg Angela joins us with over a decade of experience as an RE teacher, as well as a background in the financial services industry. Most recently, she taught at one of Wales’ most successful secondary schools, where she was a Lead Practitioner for the Central South Consortium’s Curriculum Hub and where she also previously served as Head of RE and as Head of Year 12. In addition to being an experienced RE teacher, Angela also undertook a successful national project for Wales’ longest-established educational charity, the Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC), where she developed an expertise in Philosophy for Children, working with primary and secondary schools across Wales.

Angela has extensive knowledge of external examinations in Religious Studies in England in Wales. As well as being a longstanding examiner, she has provided training throughout England for Eduqas and has undertaken extensive consultancy and authorship contracts to support the reformed qualifications. She has also co-authored commercial textbooks to support the new GCSE in Wales.


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