Programme 8 - Round table 2 | Science & Belief

Programme 8 - Round table 2

Programme 8 - Round table 2

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The round-table discussions in Science & Belief: The Big Issues use our community of college students taking A levels to explore, summarise, clarify and refine understanding.

The discussion begins by asking whether we need explanations for all our mysteries. Is it naïve to say that we need no explanation of the origin or purpose of our lives? Can we simply ‘let the mystery be’?

Could God have set up M theory (the multiverse idea) to create trillions of worlds? The ancient writers of scriptures experienced the deep mysteries of the universe as we do. Is there an authoritative answer to any of our questions? Is scientific authority, or religious authority, really a possibility?

Our ability to think, to be amazed, to question, to pursue scientific understanding, might make a link between science and religion: more humility on both sides might make this link.

As for aliens and ETI, then the likelihood of life beyond ours is hard to establish presently, but certainly keeps open the ‘horizon of wonder’ at the edge of our knowledge. To the aliens, we are the aliens!
Would ET be religious? If aliens were God-believers, would they convince anyone here of this idea? Or vice versa?

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