Programme 4 - Round table 1 | Science & Belief

Programme 4 - Round table 1

Programme 4 - Round table 1

For School discussion groups: Science_and_Belief__Teachers_Notes_.pdf
For Church discussion groups: Science_and_Belief_Church_Notes.pdf

The round table discussions in Science & Belief: The Big Issues use our community of college students taking A levels to explore, summarise, clarify and refine understanding.

Ancient communities understood their world differently from us, but were not stupid. Intelligent design arguments appeal to the human need or desire to find significance in our consciousness. But this tells us little about whether these arguments for a designer are valid—in fact, it is hard to find a basis for the claim that there is or is not a designer.

If the observations of science help to explain the origins of morality (survival value?) there is still a need to find explanations of the heroic, self-sacrificing or loving behaviour of those who live on the high peaks of the human moral mountain.

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