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Programme 1 - Evolution and Genesis

Programme 1 Evolution and Genesis

For School discussion groups: Science_and_Belief__Teachers_Notes_.pdf
For Church discussion groups: Science_and_Belief_Church_Notes.pdf

This programme equips learners to consider and respond to these questions:
• How would you describe the relationship between evolution and Genesis?
• Are they in conflict with each other?
• Are they seeking different kinds of truth?

The programme presents information about the varied history of biblical interpretation, from St Augustine, via the Council of Trent, Vatican II and an example of a creationist: Argentinian evangelist Luis Palau.
This account of the history of debates about creation raises a question about the nature of biblical revelation for Christians: are some parts of Genesis more like poetry than scientific writing?

The argument avoids simplistic opposition between science and theology—it’s not necessarily that science is about ‘how’ questions and religion about ‘why’ questions. The relationship might be more subtle: without conflict, both disciplines explore questions of origin through lenses of evidence, meaning, exploration and deepening understanding. Though some regard science and religious belief like boxers—opposed to each other—maybe both disciplines have something worth hearing.

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