Programme 5 - Creation | Science & Belief

Programme 5 - Creation

Programme 5 - Creation

For School discussion groups: Science_and_Belief__Teachers_Notes_.pdf
For Church discussion groups: Science_and_Belief_Church_Notes.pdf

This programme equips learners to consider and respond to these questions:
• In the light of modern understandings of cosmology, is it still possible to think of a creator God?
• If not, then what else could be the answer to the question: ‘Why is there something, rather than nothing?’

Sometimes there’s confusion between the two words ‘origins’ and ‘creation’. The Big Bang is about how the universe originated. The question of whether it is a creation is expressed like this: Why is there something, rather than nothing?

As theologian Paul Tillich puts it, ‘God is the ground of all being.’ That might be a definition of God that works for some people.

‘M theory’ is described: an intelligible way of understanding how the universe (and possibly other universes) came into being. But is it justified to ask how M theory itself came into being?

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