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Sep 25

Wanted: National RE Networks Ambassador - part time

Posted by: Marketing Team, 25 September 2018

National RE Networks Ambassador - part time RE Today Services - Birmingham, West Midlands
£250.00 per day / 1 day per week (approx.)

RE Today Services and NATRE are running a 2-year project to build a national support infrastructure for Religious Education.

Key to this project is a part-time contract to take the national lead – helping shape the project, identify up to 10 regional Ambassadors and then manage the project, budget, deliverables and reporting.

View National_Lead_job_description.pdf

Application Closing Date: 12 October 2018


Sep 12

Welcome to our new RE Adviser

Posted by: Marketing Team, 12 September 2018

 Angela-Hill.jpg Angela joins us with over a decade of experience as an RE teacher, as well as a background in the financial services industry. Most recently, she taught at one of Wales’ most successful secondary schools, where she was a Lead Practitioner for the Central South Consortium’s Curriculum Hub and where she also previously served as Head of RE and as Head of Year 12. In addition to being an experienced RE teacher, Angela also undertook a successful national project for Wales’ longest-established educational charity, the Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC), where she developed an expertise in Philosophy for Children, working with primary and secondary schools across Wales.

Angela has extensive knowledge of external examinations in Religious Studies in England in Wales. As well as being a longstanding examiner, she has provided training throughout England for Eduqas and has undertaken extensive consultancy and authorship contracts to support the reformed qualifications. She has also co-authored commercial textbooks to support the new GCSE in Wales.

Passionate about making RE excellent for all, Angela is an active member of the Cardiff SACRE and is looking forward to working with teachers across the UK and increasing access to RE Today’s fantastic work for teachers in Wales.



Sep 12

Press release: NATRE response to the report of the Commission on RE

Posted by: Marketing Team, 12 September 2018

Commission on Religious Education Final Report

Religions and Worldviews: The way forward

A National Plan for RE

A response from NATRE

The long-awaited final report of the 14-member independent Commission on RE, published on Sunday, sets out a vision for a National Entitlement for all children in all state funded schools.

Ben Wood, Chair of The National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE) commented:

“Over the last three years,  NATRE has argued for a statement of national entitlement, so we are pleased to see that this forms part of the Commission’s recommendations. The Commission’s entitlement statement is bold and seeks to reshape the subject in a new way. This will no doubt elicit much debate.”

The proposed change in the name of the subject from Religious Education to Religion and Worldviews, is perhaps the most eye-catching of the Commission’s recommendations, but NATRE believes the recommendations focusing on the purpose and content of study are much more significant, and it is in these areas that teachers will look to engage in discussion and debate. Commenting on this aspect of the report, Mr Wood points out that the inclusion of non-religious worldviews is not a new development;

“The Commission’s call for a more clearly identified place for study of non-religious worldviews, as well as its recognition of the importance of studying both institutionalised worldviews and personal autonomy, reflects current practice in many schools where RE is taught well, and is a feature…


Aug 23

Warning of ‘factory-farmed kids’ as curriculum narrows with EBacc

Posted by: Marketing Team, 23 August 2018

GCSE entries to subjects outside the Government’s EBacc school performance
measure slide

The number of entries from students in England taking GCSEs in subjects that are not included in the EBacc – the school performance measure introduced in 2010 by then-Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove, in one year has fallen by 11.1% from 2017 to 2018, while the number of entries in EBacc subjects has risen by 4.5%. A group of organisations representing subjects outside the EBacc is warning that this narrowing of the school curriculum risks producing ‘factory-farmed kids’ who lack a broader range of vital knowledge, skills and interests. It follows concerns cited last week over a decline in entries to non-EBacc subjects at A level, with a drop in overall entries of 7.79% in design and technology and 22.4% decline in religious studies.

The EBacc requires that pupils take English language and literature, maths, a modern language, a science (including computer science), and history or geography at GCSE. Schools are measured on the number of pupils that take GCSEs in EBacc subjects and these subjects are prioritised when schools are compared in relation to the amount of progress pupils make. At least 70% of a school’s score comes from results in EBacc subjects. The Government’s target is for 90% of all GCSE pupils to choose the EBacc subject combination by 2025. It is unsurprising therefore, that most school leaders prioritise these subjects in the timetable, sometimes allocating more time for teachers to complete GCSE courses…


’...Congratulations and thanks must also go to their teachers who have worked tirelessly to ensure that students can reach their full potential in this reformed A level. It is of little surprise to those of us who teach RS that it remains popular amongst young people, however it is very disappointing to see that the number of entries has dropped by over 20%...’ Ben Wood, Chair, NATRE.

At a time when Religious Education is more important than ever, with the need for community integration in our diverse society, it is concerning to see a significant drop in the number of young people taking Religious Studies at A level in England and Wales. The drop in RS entries by 22.8% is disappointing given the subject’s popularity has grown in recent years. Despite this reduction in entries for RS, there are still 65% more entries than in 2003 (11,132 entries were recorded in 2003).

The key outcomes of the 2018 A level results in England and Wales for Religious Education are as follows:

•18,422 RS A level entries were recorded, a decrease of 22.8% on 2017.
•The decrease in RS A level entries is an extreme example of a broader pattern of decreasing entries for humanities and social science subjects (English language down 14.8% across the UK, Geography down 11.3%, History down 2.7%) while entries for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) subjects have increased (Chemistry up 3.4% across the UK, Physics up 3.4%, Biology up 3.1%, and Maths up 2.5%).…


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