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Oct 13

Understanding Christianity training dates

Posted by: Marketing Team, 13 October 2016

Understanding Christianity is a comprehensive resource which provides a clear and coherent approach to teaching and learning about Christianity in RE for pupils aged 4-14.

The resource and associated training was written by the RE Today advisory team, in collaboration with more than 30 expert teachers and academics, and has been trialled in over 50 schools.

RE Today are delighted to announce a series of Understanding Christianity training dates throughout 2016 and 2017. Every attendee will receive a full Understanding Christianity resource pack including:

  • A Teacher’s Handbook
  • 29 full units of work, from Foundation Stage 2 through to Year 9
  • Introductory booklets for each phase
  • More than 150 photocopiable resource sheets
  • The ‘Big Freize’ illustration by Emma Yarlett
  • The ‘Big Freize’ guide book, setting the concepts within a wider biblical context
  • Understanding Christianity website -
  • Understanding Christianity Accredited Official Resources: resources that are available to teachers and advisers to support the teaching in Understanding Christianity

You can find out more information here:

Primary - South of England
Primary - Midlands
Primary - North of England

Secondary - South of England
Secondary - North of England


Oct 11

Words Beyond Words - a great success!

Posted by: Marketing Team, 11 October 2016

News Release – Tuesday 11 October 2016

Over 140 RE teachers, advisers, academics and others interested in RE gathered from across the UK over the weekend in Blackburn to attend the Words Beyond Words Religious Education conference.

The event was hosted by NATRE, AULRE and ARIEAC and was designed to bring together the wider RE community, from classrooms teachers to inspectors, ITT’s to renowned academics and everyone in between.

The weekend was jam packed with inspiring and thought provoking keynotes sharing ideas about the importance of religious literacy in RE, as well as practical and stimulating workshops, discussions and presentations of research lead by RE experts, giving delegates and opportunity to learn, share best practice with peers.

Liz Mills, primary teacher shared her thoughts on the conference’So many opportunities to learn from folk at every level and stage in their professional development with cutting edge research and resources… all highly relevant and inspiring AND a chance to learn from each other as we networked and relaxed together’.

To hear what some of the other attendees thought of the day click the link, where the weekend’s events have been captured via Twitter #REwords16.


Oct 03

An analysis of the provision for RE in Primary Schools

Posted by: Marketing Team, 03 October 2016

This is an analysis of the data gathered from a questionnaire on primary religious education and the provision for RE in Primary Schools conducted by the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE) in Autumn Term 2016.

To read the recent findings go to the NATRE website.


Oct 03

September UCAS figures have been published

Posted by: Marketing Team, 03 October 2016

The September UCAS figures have been published, giving the anticipated PGCE starter number for 2016/17. Actual take-up will be reported at the end of October, closing this cycle.

Headlines are:

  • Total RE PGCE applications are up 14.1% year-on-year and also slightly up (1.6%) on 2014 levels (in order: 1830, 1630 and today 1860).
  • This is within a context of All PGCE applications being down -5.4%, although at secondary level numbers are steady (up 0.6% only).
  • In real terms, as predicted and in line with previous years trends, there has been a slight fall-off in successful numbers for September versus August. We start the new academic year with 480 successfully placed students – 26% of total applicants. This is still a 14.3% rise in actual numbers from last year (420 to 480) – and against wider market tends - and the same 26% success rate.
  • Looking back at monthly stats, there were more early RE applications this year (pre-Xmas) than the two previous years, and the key growth months were February and March. Neither 2014 nor 2015 showed such big spikes (around 100 additional applications for each month) at all, and both years show a steadier and more consistent growth over the period. This suggests legacy from the 2015 campaign.


Sep 27

Funding boost to promote inter-religious and cultural dialogue

Posted by: Marketing Team, 27 September 2016

The National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE) and the University of Bristol have successfully won two research bids for a joint project exploring better ways of promoting inter-religious and cultural dialogue in the classroom.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Westhill Endowment Trust, the two bids (totalling over £25,000) will involve a two-way knowledge exchange secondment, enabling University of Bristol researchers and Executive members of NATRE working together to transfer relevant knowledge and understanding. The initiative will help teachers working in culturally diverse settings to better understand theory while researchers develop new theoretical ideas based on classroom-based knowledge shared by teachers.

This will include ‘contact theory’, a key idea that will enhance teacher’s understanding of how to share ‘space’ in classrooms in ways which promote inter-religious and intercultural dialogue. Two teachers will spend time in residence at the University of Bristol during the project while researchers from Bristol will spend time on the NATRE Executive and in local NATRE groups.

Crucially in the local groups, they will undertake a national survey of RE teachers that will help us to gather badly needed evidence of the potential the best RE has to promote good community relations. The results of this two way knowledge exchange will be shared with teachers of RE at NATRE, RE today and other events over the next year.

For more information please keep an eye out on the NATRE website

Daniel Hugill,…


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