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Dec 19

2016 Spirited Arts Gallery is now live!

Posted by: Marketing Team, 19 December 2016

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the schools that participated in our 2016 Spirited Arts competition, we are pleased to announce that this years Spirited Arts gallery is now live.

There were five categories in the Art in Heaven competition this year, all attracting very large numbers of entries. We estimate that about 25,000 children and young people took part in the competition, and we would like thank them all, and their teachers for the insight, hard work and spiritual thinking that went on.

Alongside the winning entries we have a selection of highly commended entries for each of the five categories.

We are also pleased to announce that one of our winners; Class 3 from Grasmere school have had their artwork featured on the ITV news click here to see the news piece.

It doesn’t have to end there if you are inspired then get creative with our 2017 Spirited Arts competition!

We hope you and your students will engage with these themes and enjoy working on them as much as you did this year.

We look forward to seeing your entries for 2017.
Visit the Spirited Arts gallery.


Dec 19

Concerns over non-compliance in RE

Posted by: Marketing Team, 19 December 2016

As readers will be aware NATRE has been in discussion with senior officials from OFSTED to highlight issues of concern to teachers of RE including non-compliance in the teaching of Religious Education in schools and academies. NATRE has recently noticed possible signs that our concerns are being taken more seriously although we are not yet at the point where we can say that an Ofsted inspection will automatically identify issues with RE.

The following extracts are taken from a recently published OFSTED report.

From the Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

The curriculum is inadequate. It does not include some essential elements, such as religious education. The teaching of fundamental British values is weak. Leaders have recently recognised that the way the school day is timetabled is compounding poor learning.

From what does the school need to do to improve further?

Improve the effectiveness of leadership and management by taking the following actions:

– leaders should review the curriculum to ensure that pupils receive their entitlement to the teaching of religious education, careers, British values and personal, social, health and economic education

From Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

The curriculum is inadequate. The headteacher recognises that the way the school day is timetabled is compounding poor learning. Pupils do not receive their full entitlement to subjects such as religious education and personal, social, health and economic education. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is underdeveloped…


Dec 19

New Guidance on Assessment in RE

Posted by: Marketing Team, 19 December 2016

Based on a series of expert summits, hosted by Culham St Gabriel’s, on assessment after levels in RE, Dave Francis has produced the following guidance documents on assessment for RE:ONLINE. These outline the developing thinking around assessment in the new educational landscape and offer a possible framework that teachers can use when thinking about assessment and pupil progression in RE. We hope these will form a suite of documents related to assessment in RE that continues to grow as work and thinking in this area develop.

For more background on moving beyond levels, see a Keynote Presentation given by Dilwyn Hunt at the Energising RE Teacher weekend in 2015

To download the documents visit the RE:ONLINE website


Nov 15

Funding continues for Locally Agreed Syllabuses for RE

Posted by: Marketing Team, 15 November 2016

NATRE were pleased to read in Hansard that the Government have promised to continue to provide funding for Local Authorities to produce Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Craig Whittaker Conservative MP for Calder Valley asked, ‘What support is the Secretary State for Education providing for Standing advisory councils on religious education for developing syllabuses.’

Nick Gibb, minister for schools, replied, @Local Authorities currently receive funding through the Education Services Grant to support Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (RE). Local Authorities will continue to receive funding to develop an agreed syllabus for RE once the Education Services Grant has been removed.’

The response goes onto to say, ‘SACREs and Agreed Syllabus Conferences may use resources that meet the needs of the local area they serve, such as the Religious Education Council’s non-statutory framework for RE.

What can you do as a teacher of RE?

  • Contact your Local SACRE and ask them to put this on their agenda for discussion?
  • Find out how much does your Local Authority receive in their Education Services Grant?
  • How much is spent in support of RE?
  • Let NATRE know what happens when you do this by emailing


Nov 08

Latest conversation on #REchatUK November

Posted by: Marketing Team, 08 November 2016

#REchatUK took place on Monday 7 November at 8pm-9pm
If you missed it and want to catch up on the discussion you can see it here REchatUK November

If you have any suggestions for a great topic be please send a tweet to @NATREupdate.

Keep an eye out on our #REchatUK timetable here to see when the next #REchatUK will be.

For regular updates follow us on @NATREupdate.

#REchatUK Poster - for your staffroom to help get others involved in RE.


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