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Aug 24

26 short films for 11-14s in the ‘A-Z of Religion’

Posted by: Marketing Team, 24 August 2017

New RE programmes from BBC for 11-14s

BBC have made new secondary RE programmes to address both a gap in current teacher resource provision and also to respond to teachers’ feedback about the type of resources they need to deliver RE. The secondary programmes are an A-Z of world religions and belief, covering subjects as diverse as religious clothing, extremism, the distribution of wealth and more philosophical themes.

Teachers will value these new RE resources: there is a wide representation of the UK’s different faith groups. They have had input from faith leaders and teachers during the production process to ensure they will be of maximum benefit in the classroom and meet the different curriculum requirements of RE teaching. The programming will enable some fun RE. The secondary clips use a contemporary animation style, and a light tone to cover some deep stuff. think the chosen subject matter will provide a great springboard to learning about different faiths and beliefs, as well as a stimulus for engaging classroom debate.

These new films are now available on BBC Teach.

Lat Blaylock, RE Today Adviser has been involved as a consultant in making the series, he comments:

‘I’m really glad BBC have made these new programmes, and hope teachers will use them widely. I’m pleased with the content and style. We are currently making 26 lesson ideas, so watch this space. You could use them for a whole term’s homework of…


The key outcomes of the 2017 A level results in England and Wales for Religious Education are as follows:

  • 23,856 RS A level entries were recorded, a small decrease of 4.0% on 2016. Much of this decrease is explained by a decrease in the number of 18-year-olds in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland of 1.7%
  • Despite the decrease in entries for RS, there are still more than double the number in 2003 (11,132 entries were recorded in 2003)
  • The increase of 114% in the number of entries for RS A level since 2003 is greater than for any arts, humanity or social science subject (the nearest subject is Political Studies with an increase of 90%). Among all subjects, only Further Maths has seen more rapid growth than RS
  • 3% of entries for RS A level were awarded an A or an A*
  • There were 16,308 entries for RS at AS level, a decrease of 54% on 2016; this reflects the decline across all subjects where the number of AS entries fell by 40% across England and Wales. Despite the drop there are still more entries than in 2003 (15,482 entries were recorded in 2003)
  • The importance of RS A Level as a subject for Higher Education entry and for graduate recruiters is increasingly recognised by independent bodies. The Russell Group of top universities has made it clear that RS A level provides ‘suitable preparation for University generally’, and both Oxford and Cambridge University include Religious Studies in the top…


Jul 31

Government consultation response: Implementing the English Baccalaureate

Posted by: Marketing Team, 31 July 2017

NATRE notes the long awaited response to the Government consultation on the English Baccalaureate. We are well aware that the introduction of the English Baccalaureate and the change in accountability measures in secondary schools has resulted in many more pupils not receiving their statutory entitlement to RE at Key Stage 4. However we were pleased to read in paragraph 72 of the Government Response to the Consultation on the EBacc, a reminder to schools that RE must be taught to all pupils until the end of key stage 5 and that a qualification such as GCSE SHOULD be offered at the end of key stage 4.
NATRE looks forward to continuing to work with the Department for Education and its ministers to ensure that school accountability measures including performance tables and inspections are soon in place that have the effect that this expectation is met in all state funded schools.
Fiona Moss, Executive Officer NATRE.

Despite what the government continually says in answers to questions in parliament and in this response, NATRE know that there are a large number of pupils who do not receive their entitlement to RE and therefore are not religiously literate. It is essential that pupils in 2017 are prepared for the modern world, religious literacy is an indisputable part of this. There is much more that the DFE can do and we look forward to working…


Jun 05

New RE films from the BBC

Posted by: Marketing Team, 05 June 2017

New from the BBC for 4–7s: Religions of the World is a series of ten animated ‘Octonaut-style’ stories from six different world religions. The BBC commissioned the programmes, and RE Today’s Lat Blaylock worked as their adviser for this short series.

Lat commented, ‘I’m pleased with these films because they offer authentic, child-friendly retellings for use in RE but also perhaps in English. All free to use, of course, and now available.’

Watch the new BBC Religions of the World films

Teaching notes are currently available to NATRE members only.
Email us at to find out how you can become a NATRE member so that you can receive the notes too!


Jun 05

JOB VACANCY: Finance Manager

Posted by: Marketing Team, 05 June 2017

We have a very exciting opportunity; we are looking to recruit a permanent Finance Manager to join the team at RE Today/Christian Education.

This position will play a key role in the strategic development of this growing charity and will allow you to restructure the finance function to provide excellent financial management and a business partnering focus across the breadth of our business strands.

Click here to find out more.


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