More than 101 Great Ideas

More than 101 Great Ideas


Religious Education in schools has received much coverage in the media of late, following the most current Ofsted Report and launch of the RE Review and RE curriculum framework. In particular, the focus has been around improving the quality of the subject and providing teachers with much needed support to deliver excellent RE.

More than 101 Great Ideas aims to provide this support by pulling together an exciting and dynamic collection of 116 tried-and-tested practical classroom strategies to encourage the spiritual and moral development of 5–16s, together with insightful guidance on learning and teaching.

The strategies are arranged in seven easy to use sections: Act, Create, Enquire, Reflect, Talk, Think and Write. These sections enable teachers to think about which areas of skill they wish the pupils to develop in RE. The Introduction provides an educational context and rationale for active learning, and spiritual and moral development. The book is accompanied by a 40-page downloadable and photocopiable collection of templates and stimulus materials to support delivery of many of the strategies outlined in the book.

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