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Each term RE Today publishes a primary and a secondary curriculum publication. These are included in some of the subscription packages and also as stand alone publications available through the catalogue and webshop.

RE Ideas - God - coverRE Ideas is the title of the current primary curriculum series. The series is edited by Fiona Moss.
Issue 1: RE Ideas: God (September 2013)
Issue 2: RE Ideas: Sacred Place (January 2014)
Issue 3: RE Ideas: Spiritual Development (April 2014)
Issue 4: RE Ideas: Christmas (September 2014)
Issue 5: RE Ideas: Fairness & Justice (January 2015)
Issue 6: RE Ideas:  Assessment (April 2015)
Issue 7: RE Ideas: Sacred Words (September 2015)
Issue 8: RE Ideas: Jesus (January 2016)
Issue 9: RE Ideas: Literate RE (April 2016)
Issue 10: RE Ideas: Journey (September 2016)
Issue 11: RE Ideas: Community (January 2017)
Issue 12: RE Ideas: Expressive arts (April 2017)

Essential RE - God - coverEssential RE is the title of the current secondary curriculum series. The series is edited by Stephen Pett.
Issue 1: Essential RE: God
Issue 2: Essential RE: Being Human
Issue 3: Essential RE: Hope
Issue 4: Essential RE: Truth
Issue 5: Essential RE: Spirit
Issue 6: Essential RE: Happiness
Issue 7: Essential RE: Living
Issue 8: Essential RE: Good & Evil
Issue 9: Essential RE: Society
Issue 10: Essential RE: Origin & Destiny
Issue 11: Essential RE: Freedom
Issue 12: Essential RE: Communication & Expression

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